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Eco-friendly cabinet makeover


Who doesn't love a makeover? This past weekend I took an underwhelming little cabinet in my daughter's room and made it into a fun piece that she loves.

Calgary interior designer cabinet makeover

I've had this cabinet kicking around since I bought my first home. It was in left behind in the garage when I moved in. If I had to guess, it's probably an old kitchen cabinet and casualty of an earlier renovation. Back then I needed furniture badly and free furniture was especially welcome. If I remember correctly, I got together with my friend Heather and we each repainted an old piece of funiture on my back deck using mistints.

Somehow this piece has travelled with me. It grew on me and I still like it. I always thought I would add legs and maybe spruce it up a bit more. These kind of "someday" projects are kicking around all the time, and it was finally time to do something about this one. I like the colour, but it was a bit overwhelming so I decided to tone it down a bit and put casters on the bottom. One trip to a major hardware retailer later, I had my casters, a roll of Frog tape (it's worth the extra money) and a quart of white paint (get it tinted, never use white right from the can because that is like passing up a free opportunity to customize!).

Interior designer cabinet makeover before calgaryI started by covering over the areas of the cabinet where I wanted to put the design with a layer of Frog tape, drew on the designs and then cut around them with an X-acto knife and took off the tape where I wanted the white to go. That was the hardest part of the project, but it was also the most fun. From there I painted a couple of coats of white paint and then carefully removed the tape. I sometimes run the X-acto aroud the perimeter one more time before removing. I added a few little details with *gasp* a Sharpie. Hey, it's not fine furniture, so no need to be formal.

When it was dry enough, we (I got help from my husband) flipped it over and I personally wielded the drill and attached the casters. Pas de probl√®me!

My daughter is very pleased with her new custom furniture piece and so am I. I can hardly wait to tackle my next "someday" project.

A change of colour and a little creativity may be all you need to get a whole new look. 


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